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a1.gif (929 bytes)llied Environmental Technologies, Inc. provides world class consulting in fluid dynamics with a specialty in computational modeling of fluid dynamic (CFD) systems (see Statement of Qualifications-Best viewed with the free Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or laterDownload Adobe Acrobat Reader Now). If it is a complex problem, and it involves fluids and complex environments (temp, pressure, velocity, etc.) we can model it. Our staff is led by experienced analysts with many years in the CFD consulting business.

Our main analysis tools are well established commercial CFD software packages. 

t1.gif (918 bytes)raditional restrictions in flow analysis and design limit the accuracy in solving and visualization of the fluid-flow problems. This applies to both single and multi-phase flows, and is particularly true of problems that are three dimensional in nature and involve turbulence, chemical reactions, and/or heat and mass transfer. All these can be considered together in the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics, a powerful technique that can help to overcome many restrictions influencing traditional analysis.

t1.gif (918 bytes)heoretically, it should also provide an opportunity for relating these to other process conditions, such as chemical reactions or heat transfer within or in an immediate vicinity of the system. CFD applications include pressure drop, flow straitening and mixing evaluation, various nozzle (s) or injector (s) designs in an open pipe, duct or inside of a confined vessel.

t1.gif (918 bytes)his technique also helps to evaluate Fluid Patterns for SNCR/SCR applications or while combining the Low NOx and Staged Combustion Air technologies.

t1.gif (918 bytes)his tool could be used as an excellent sales aid, helping in visualization of the impact of the gas distribution and/or mixing devices, nozzles, injectors, etc. on very complex multi-phase fluid flows in the combustion systems. The study results are usually presented in the multi-color graphical form to help easy identify flows and mixing patterns.

3-Field Electrostatic Precipitator on a 500 MW Coal-Fired Unit Velocity Distribution through the Precipitator from the A/H to the ID Fan
3-D View of the ESP Internals with the New Gas Distribution Screens Gas Flow and Dual FGC (SO3 and NH3) Profiles




Combustion and Heat Transfer CFD Modeling for entire system or a partial combustor Thermodynamic Cycle Analysis
Boiler /Combustor Model Development
Particulate Tracking
Cold Flow Tests Evaluation
Flow or Heat Transfer Related Calculations Gas/Air Distribution in Air Pollution Control Devices (Precipitators, Baghouses, etc.)
Air Ducts and Dampers
Gas Flow Direction Devices, Turning Vanes, Baffles, etc.
FGR Foil and Injection Slots
Liquid Atomization and Vaporization Vapor Tank Sizing
 Pump/Blower Sizing
Heat Transfer Evaluation
Water, SO3, NH3, (or other Gases and Liquids) Injection Grids, Tanks design, etc. Humidification and Flue Gas Conditioning (FGC) Systems
SCR Systems Design and Layout
Turbulent Mixing Evaluation
Pressure Loss Evaluation and Calculation


More Applications:


s1.gif (917 bytes)tatement of Qualifications-Best viewed with the free Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or later(Download Adobe Acrobat Reader).


Animation Samples (please allow time to download)

Industrial Applications:

  Air Flow Distribution (with wind) Over Air Cooled Condensers
  Air Temperature Distribution (with wind) Over Air Cooled Condensers
  Gas Flow Distribution in a GT Exhaust Stack (x-view)
  Gas Flow Distribution in a GT Exhaust Stack (z-view)
  Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

    Animation Samples in a Biomedical Field:

  Aortic Valve
  Aortic Aneurism
  Breathing Motion
  Pulmonary Artery


e1.gif (933 bytes)-mail us with problems/tasks you have or identify several the most interesting subjects. We promptly prepare preliminary tasks/problems identification and contact you for initial computer runs.



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